What Information Will I Need to Have My Business Valued?

In order to prepare a valuation of your business, we will need to review the financial position, recent financial results and the key operating characteristics of your business. In preparing our valuation report, we will typically require the following information:

  • 3 to 5 years of historical financial statements and a current budget or forecast, if available
  • The company’s most recent tax return
  • An appraisal, or property value assessment of the company’s land and building, if applicable
  • Information regarding any other assets or liabilities for which market value may differ significantly from net book value
  • Details of any unusual or non-recurring transactions in the last five years
  • Details of any related party transactions or transactions not conducted at fair market value over the last five years
  • An estimate of market value management compensation, if wages paid to management include a shareholder tax planning component
  • Access to ownership and/or key management personnel to discuss:
    • Company history and background
    • Future prospects for growth
    • Key customers, suppliers and competitors
    • Any other relevant valuation issues

In most cases, as a preliminary step, we will request a recent set of financial statements of your business. We will then review the financial statements and tailor a detailed information request based upon the specific characteristics of your business.