The principals and associates of the Spence Valuation Group have been quantifying business interruption insurance claims for over 15 years.

Our experience in insurance loss accounting, including business interruption and extra expense claims, crosses virtually every industry in Canada. Our investigative accounting techniques have been used to prepare reports for lawyers, insurance adjusters, insurance companies, and for insured parties.





We have experience calculating losses under the various business interruption policies including:

  • Gross Profits form,
  • Gross Earnings form, and
  • the Business Income form.

We have also prepared calculations under Rental forms and Soft Cost coverage forms.

The calculation of business interruption insurance available to insured parties under the various forms can be complex and requires a thorough understanding of the various methodologies. Our extensive experience allows us to translate these policies into appropriate insurance loss calculations for our clients.

Business interruption claims often can be the most controversial part of an overall claim. We assist insured parties, lawyers, adjusters, and insurance companies by providing a report and user-friendly schedules setting out:

  • the results of our detailed analysis of the operations;
  • our discussions with management and other employees;
  • our projections of revenue, absent the event; and
  • details of loss calculations including any co-insurance adjustments or payroll exclusions.

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