We at the Spence Valuation Group have experience quantifying damages for litigation purposes and quantifying losses for insurance claims.

We have worked with lawyers, adjusters, business owners and other insured persons to assess losses due to motor vehicle accidents, fires, breaches of contract, shareholder disputes, and other incidents.

Donald Spence, FCA, FCBV, C.ARB. has provided expert testimony on numerous occasions in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Expropriation Compensation Board of British Columbia as well as acting as an arbitrator in financial matters. He has also served as a part-time member of the Expropriation Compensation Board of British Columbia.


Financial Arbitration

Mr. Spence has the unique experience of both testifying in front of arbitrators on numerous occasions and acting as an arbitrator in a variety of other commercial disputes, thereby bringing valuable insight into the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. His experience and knowledge in the area has earned him the designation of Chartered Arbitrator, a designation recognized across Canada as preeminent in the arbitration area.

Mr. Spence has many years of experience conducting commercial arbitrations where disputes are primarily financial in nature. Mr. Spence has also acted as “special referee” to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in a matter involving business valuation.

There are times when parties are able to avoid taking their dispute to trial. In these cases, we can provide arbitration services to assist in resolving financial disagreements.

In addition to preparation of reports for court purposes and alternative dispute resolution, we have also been retained to critique various reports prepared by other financial advisors and prepare rebuttal reports. In many cases our reports provide comfort to our clients that the quantification of damages or value has been fair and reasonable. In other situations, our views become the basis for settlement and, in occasional circumstances, we provide testimony at trial.

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