What is EBIDTA? Why is it so Important?

EBITDA is an abbreviation that stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. EBITDA is an approximate measure of the cash flow available to the owner of a business prior to capital expenditures, working capital and debt-servicing requirements and income taxes. Other measures of earnings include: net earnings, net earnings before income taxes, EBIT … Continue reading »

I Want To Sell My Business…Now What Do I Do?

There are several steps involved in selling a business and the process can be fairly lengthy (potentially as long as a year or more) depending upon the readiness of the business for sale, the number of potential buyers, the availability of financing, the seller’s price expectations and the seller’s commitment to the process. We have … Continue reading »

Is it a Good Time to Sell Your Business?

There are many factors that determine the right time to sell a business. Certainly external economic factors come into play – the stage of the economic cycle, interest rates, alternative investment options, industry trends, etc. can impact the timing of a successful business sale. Unfortunately, these external factors are beyond your control. What you can … Continue reading »